Mike Kalthoff about 2 years ago

To relieve daily and terrible congestion on Lake Tahoe Blvd and increase shoppers and heavenly skiers for businesses on Lake Tahoe Blvd, create the “SLT Connector” from CA 89 to Lake Parkway (I enclosed a map). The SLT connector should be a 4-lane road with a speed limit to 40 mph from CA 89 through to Lake Pkwy its just a few intersections. At the intersection of Lake Pkwy and Lake Tahoe Blvd in Stateline, connect the SLC Connector directly to Lake Tahoe Blvd with a NW merge, on-ramps and off-ramps. This will reduce much of the congestion coming from CA 89 folks who are traveling to points north up Rt 50 beyond Stateline, NV. and those from Stateline Rt 50 to CA 89. Everyone will love you even more!!! :-)

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