Mel D over 2 years ago

The new landscaping from Al Tahoe to Stateline was very nicely done but is in dire need of being maintained! Weeds are overcrowding the newly planted bushes & flowers. I think that since so much money was invested into the landscaping that we should make the effort to keep it beautiful.

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Tennis is an awesome sport that only requires two people to obtain a competitive, exciting workout. Being able to play in the heart of our town surrounded by natural beauty would be amazing. The courts at the middle school have the perfect location right off of 50 but they are in horrendous, unplayable condition. It wouldn't even be that expensive to fix.

I’m not certain if publicly televised sporting events could be shown but I think it would be fun to watch the 49ers or the Giants with a group of fans at a really beautiful place like Lakeview Commons rather than in a stuffy bar or casino. And if it got good and cold outside it could almost feel like the old days at Candlestick Park!

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