georgiana barton over 2 years ago

South tahoe has saved very little of its history and now they have a chance. It's already deemed a historical site. Even if you can only save a few building or just the main house. There are grants outside sources available to be persued. Make it like the dang burg ranch park at heavenly center. communist are so eager to destroy history rather preserve.

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Alex Davi over 2 years ago

Voice your opinions here about the City and their stance on Medical Marijuana. This post has been generated by a concerned citizen who witnessed TWC get raided this morning.

Idea: vhr

jerry goodman over 2 years ago

should have neighbors within 600 feet able to consider if a VHR should be allowed to get a permit. If a VHR is sold or transferred to a new person should fall under the new permit system of asking neighbors within 600 feet if it should be allowed.