Alex Davi over 2 years ago

Voice your opinions here about the City and their stance on Medical Marijuana. This post has been generated by a concerned citizen who witnessed TWC get raided this morning.

Offering cohesive, up-to-date, low-cost advertising for local businesses (Please, anything but the Yellow Pages!): Our own city of South Lake Tahoe website is in serious need of updates. Getting this city up to speed and up to date is huge. Our heaviest tourism flow comes from the Bay Area. The average tourist is tech-savy, has deep pockets and looks online before they leap into town. If we want their tourism dollars, we need to have better avenues for local businesses to cheaply advertise. Our own SLT visitor center has an events entry from 2011 on their front page, for example. This issue so key to our local development. -Alex Vaughn

I’m not certain if publicly televised sporting events could be shown but I think it would be fun to watch the 49ers or the Giants with a group of fans at a really beautiful place like Lakeview Commons rather than in a stuffy bar or casino. And if it got good and cold outside it could almost feel like the old days at Candlestick Park!

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Tracy Franklin admin over 2 years ago

Do you want to see movies at Lakeview Commons during the Summer? The movie could not start until 9pm due to the sun setting; would you prefer to have a movie night on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? What movies do you want to see? Movies filmed at Lake Tahoe, family classics, children’s movies?

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Idea: vhr

jerry goodman over 2 years ago

should have neighbors within 600 feet able to consider if a VHR should be allowed to get a permit. If a VHR is sold or transferred to a new person should fall under the new permit system of asking neighbors within 600 feet if it should be allowed.


The City has put out a "Request for Proposal" to artists for the artwork at Champions Plaza at Lakeview Commons. What kind of art elements do you envision?

Susan Alessi, City Clerk admin over 2 years ago

Do you think the City construct an event center in town ? Do you think the City partner with Stateline area for an event center in the community? Where do you think a South Shore Event Center should be ?