With the recent evolutions in community standards regarding transgender citizens, South Lake could benefit greatly by creating a positive awareness of this very cool and dynamic population of folks who bring creativity and personal strength to most professional situations. There are many misconceptions floating around that could be clarified here in SLT before they arrive as the trans population continues to grow. Dispelling the images of gutter punks and rocky horrors, fears and judgements of orientations and deviancies. By replacing them with notions of strong, willing and grateful workers, genuine character attributes and overall positive additions to our vibrant and wickedly diverse community, preparing as a community, leaders and business owners would be positioned ahead of these changes with positive awareness and some sort of understanding. Trans employees in many ways, should be sought after. With the entire scope of humanity here in town, the devil down the street at the casinos or god up on the hill or by the lake, SLT could position itself as a viable destination for both residence and recreation to the transgender community. As an advocate and member of BOTH communities, I would be happy to create the foundation for this kind of initiative and act as speaker or representative or liaison to any/all involved parties.

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Micha Angela almost 2 years ago

in light of a recent event where I was threatened and told to 'watch out' after asking a neighbor at the Ski Haus to be quiet at 1030pm, 1130pm, and 1245am, it may be a very good idea to explore city wide efforts in education and good class when it comes to dealing with trans folk. There is no reason why I should be afraid to walk to Harveys.

Shawn Kernes 10 months ago

I am supportive of the sentiment of the transgender awareness initiative, i would personally need to see more data to understand what the appropriate course of action is:

A few questions that come to mind: 1. What is the current transgender population of SLT? 2. What is the rate of change of transgender population in SLT? 3. What is the frequency of crimes committed by transgender people in SLT vs. the general population? 4. What is the frequency of crimes committed by the general population toward transgender people in SLT? 5. What budget has been applied in the past in SLT to other minority awareness initiatives? 6. What are the expected direct and indirect social and economic impacts of investing in this initiative?