Our cabin has been in the family for over 40 years and three generations. We have also upgraded the cabin three different times, with the last one being a complete remodel to help keep it up to date. To help defray some of the costs of the remodel, we chose to temporarily rent our cabin to the vacationers that love to visit South Lake Tahoe.

Our cabin is surrounded by National Forest System Land with only one neighbor. We are family operated, hire a local cleaning service as well as the local contact. Of the three years we have had our permit, we have only had one complaint by our neighbor in which we immediately took action to correct the situation.

All the vacationers that visit our cabin spend money in town. Most are families or couples that want to experience the lake and its many treasures. We also have return guests that want to come to the lake every year.

Anything you do to change the current regulations, without enforcing the existing ones, will detract from city and local company revenue! We hope you consider the burden you will be placing on us, as well as the loss of visitors that the city relies on. Don't create new regulaitons without enforcing the current ones.

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ayad alanizi 6 months ago

there should be no doubt that we need those dollars to impove our city, the streeets, the schools the children education, everyone remember few years back what happened when we did not have people visitng it is amazing how people forget so fast, it is blessing to have snow and people come and visit and spend their money and have great time in out area it is no brainier to know who is behind all this fuss, it is really the local tourist buses and local hotels who see that people staying in their hotels and using their local buses and charge the tourist exuberant amount of money the local hard working people will lose including the construction business, the local stores, the local restaurants and the only people who will gain is the expensive motels and hotels and the local tourist buses

be careful