Mike Kalthoff about 2 years ago

To relieve daily and terrible congestion on Lake Tahoe Blvd and increase shoppers and heavenly skiers for businesses on Lake Tahoe Blvd, create the “SLT Connector” from CA 89 to Lake Parkway (I enclosed a map). The SLT connector should be a 4-lane road with a speed limit to 40 mph from CA 89 through to Lake Pkwy its just a few intersections. At the intersection of Lake Pkwy and Lake Tahoe Blvd in Stateline, connect the SLC Connector directly to Lake Tahoe Blvd with a NW merge, on-ramps and off-ramps. This will reduce much of the congestion coming from CA 89 folks who are traveling to points north up Rt 50 beyond Stateline, NV. and those from Stateline Rt 50 to CA 89. Everyone will love you even more!!! :-)

Mike Kalthoff 513-290-1980 PO Box 4190 Stateline, NV 89449

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Shawn Kernes 10 months ago

I would be curious to know when the last traffic study was done on some of the key thoroughfares and bypass routes in place today, and what the results were?

  1. Lake Tahoe Blvd
  2. Al Tahoe Blvd
  3. North Upper Truckee
  4. CA-50
  5. CA-89
  6. Pioneer Trail

It is unclear to me if the solution to easing congestion is: 1. more roads 2. wider roads 3. adjusting traffic patterns with lights and stop signs 4. expanding the "business district" (otherwise known as urban sprawl) to lower traffic density downtown 5. tolls 6. public transit

It is also unclear to me if congestion is really a problem. Yes, it can be a real pain on weekends and holidays... but somehow thats part of the charm of living in a destination city.

Reid Williamson 10 months ago

I believe that this bypass is not in the plans, instead with a bicycle and walking trail planned on the land which the state purchased for the bypass.

More buses? SLC has amazing buses and a booming shuttle business to ski and stay car free.

Shawn Kernes 10 months ago


Completely blanked on public transit. Great recommendation!

The one caveat i would add here is that for public transportation (in town) to have the desired impact the following related items would need to be considered: 1. improved public transportation from Reno (particularly the airport) to SLT 2. improved rental car options 3. improved public transportation options from Sacramento/SF/San Jose to SLT 4. improved Taxi (maybe uber/lyft) service