Carolynn Tomasello over 2 years ago

I've lived in South Lake Tahoe for a year now. I work full time, 40 hours a week, and yet I can't afford an apartment here. I've been living in a motel the entire time I've been here. Can someone please do something about the awful housing situation in this town? The deposits are too high!

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Shawn Kernes 10 months ago

Carolynn, sorry to hear about your living situation. Hopefully things have improved for you since posting this.

I'm far from an affordable housing expert, but this seems to me like a really complex issue. Some of the key factors that come to mind are: 1. Tourisms impact on housing housing prices 2. Lack of diversification of job opportunities (retail, hospitality, food service) 3. Risk associated with dependency on external factors (economy of SF/Sacramento, weather) 4. "enough" available housing to cover demand 5. Infrastructure (road, internet, phone)

If i had to venture a guess... The problem isn't the cost of housing (hosing costs will naturally adjust based on what people can afford). The problem is most likely related to: 1. not enough housing to support the population (including the tourist population) 2. not enough jobs in industries that are decoupled from external factors such as weather and tourism

So... What do we do to bring more jobs to SLT?