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Join us for a community meeting about the US 50 / South Shore Community Revitalization Project on Wednesday, February 10th from 4:30pm-7pm at the South Tahoe Middle School located at 2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. in the Multi-Purpose Room Gym.  The meeting will feature a presentation of the project and include a question and answer session.


Information on this project is available online at


Questions about the project are being taken in advance.  Please submit questions to:




  • This webpage
  • Or to City of South lake Tahoe Public Information Officer Tracy Franklin at
  • Or via telephone at (530) 542-6093
  • Or via fax at (530) 542-7411




Questions must be received by 5pm on February 8th. Attendees of the meeting on February 10th will be able to submit their questions on note cards at the meeting.


    Kevin Halteman about 2 years ago

    A primary reason I don't take transit in SLT (But I do anywhere else I can) is 1. It doesn't come frequently 2. It has a significant disadvantage in speed / routes offered

    We could consider a dedicated bus / taxi & ride sharing / bike lane on 50 through SLT and then continue the buses around the lake. I host people from around the world at a vacation rental in SLT and they as well as myself complain about having to get a rental car to do anything in Tahoe.

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    Overall, I love the goal of the project and really would like to see US50 — especially downtown — made safer for cyclists and pedestrians. My biggest concern about this project, though, is that US50 is still going to point people straight on the existing path. As you approach westbound in Stateline, I'd like to see the entire road point toward the southbound detour that's being created. Using the existing right-of-way with a roundabout will encourage way too many drivers to just keep driving straight. We should reorient drivers toward the south, with a small exit lane pointing west. Or move the roundabout farther down, so that people really feel like they're "exiting" US50 to go straight.

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